Surreal Place: The Rising Tide, the Londoners sculptures that you can only see 2 times a day

The Rising Tide - immagini incredibili delle sculture londinesi che puoi vedere solo 2 volte al giorno

Yes, a surreal place that we can see only 2 times a day depending on the tide.

The Rising Tide 4 staute life-size called the Horsemen also are 4 strange steeds that have a head pumps for oil extraction, who ride them are two businessmen who are to represent the power which continues to exploit natural resources; 2 children and a symbol of the new generations, who are the victims of this exploitation of nature.

Schermata 2016-04-18 alle 18.18.07


Schermata 2016-04-18 alle 18.18.14
Schermata 2016-04-18 alle 18.18.23
Schermata 2016-04-18 alle 18.18.32
Schermata 2016-04-18 alle 18.18.39

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