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Drones with Camera: top 5 best sellers in 2016

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The  2016 in the world of drones  will be an exceptional year, many people came to this job for someone who has become a real job . Yes, from hobby to work, thanks to the  Drones with Camera HD  , you can shoot movies in High Definition , and so many companies in any industry have decided to invest in Videos Marketing .
For those wishing to begin to approach the world of drones , both for Hobby that create a new job , we decided to collect the  5 Best Drones with Camera  sold in the first quarter of 2016 :
In fifth place we have :

# 5 Drone Eachine Racer 250 FPV

The Eachine Racer 250 is a drone suitable for all types of fans , from simple novice to expert pilot .

Eachine Racer 250 mounts from 2300KV brushless motors ( supplied / reverse pairs ) with ESC 12A and Simonk firmware . Thanks to the shell made of carbon fiber mixed with plastic materials to give a total weight of 400 grams Eachine Racer 250 , of course without the battery . 3S 1500mAh battery at 25C has a duration of about 10/14 minutes in flight .

Eachine Racer 250 mounts a functional 1000TVL FPV camera with the angle adjustable and has a transmitter from 600mW 32 channels 5,8Gh for OSD combined with Mushroom antenna.

Eachine 250 drone

#4 Drone Walkera Runner 250

The Walkera Runner 250 also called ” THE DRONE RACING ” Drone is the most famous of the FPV , who brought this brand among the most popular . The camera of the Walkera Runner 250 is a FULL HD 800TVL , but if you are fans of the GoPro you can install it in Drone . The Version ( Ready -To – Fly ) thanks to its maneuverability and the quality of materials means that both the Drone FPV ready-to – fly better market

Walkera Runner 250

#3 Drone Parrot Disco

The Parrot Disco Presented at CES Los Angeles is one of the possible Drones to position itself at the top of the ranking of the top 2016 with drones Canera . The Parrot Disco is the new fixed-wing drone of the French company , which promises a drone able to take off and fly autonomously . Here the performance of this Drone to Fixed wing with room : its maximum speed is 80km / h , the camera installed in the Drone Parrot Disco is 14MP 1080p battery with a duration of 45 minutes with a weight of 700 grams .

Parrot Disco Drone

#2 Drone DJI INSPIRE 1 Pro

The Drone PRO DJI Inspire 1   is ideal for high -end drivers that if they use it for business customers will be able to show their images and videos in 4K, and no end, will be able to record video in format RAW , amazing right? All this thanks to Zenmuse X5 X5R rooms and installed in the drone DJI Inspire 1 .


Want to find out who is the winner ?
You’ll get a Astonished …

#1 Drone DJI PHANTOM 3

Phantom of the series there are well- 4 versions : Phantom 3 Standard , Professional , Advanced and the last Phantom 3 4k . The features are quite distinct Trai various models , but the most obvious is the room for this drone : the Professional model and 4K can capture brilliant 4K video up to 30 frames per second ( fps ) , the ‘ Advanced 1080p at 60 fps and Standard.

Phantom 3 Drone

Well , we learn to pilot our Phantom 3

Drive the Phantom 3 Drone with Camera

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