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Cheap Life Insurance

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Buying life insurance can seem a bit daunting so we’ve made it as simple as we can.
If you’d prefer to speak to an adviser before you start, you can call 0800 808 6907¥ or – if you’d rather save your phone bill – you can request a call back by filling in a simple online form. All we need is your contact details and the time you’d like to chat.
You have a choice of life insurance policies:
Term life insurance – you’ll be covered for a certain period of time
Decreasing term life insurance – your premiums decrease yearly, usually matching up to your mortgage repayments
Whole of life insurance – a bit more expensive but this will cover you for the rest of your life
Convertible life insurance – you’ll be on a fixed term policy that allows you to switch to a whole of life policy when you reach the end of it.
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