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CANARY ISLANDS all inclusive

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With its fine weather and warmer temperatures, the archipelago of Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote has been a huge favourite among Brits seeking some sunshine at all times of year. Its position just west of the Morocco coastline means visitors can enjoy the warm Atlantic waters, as well as the heat that blows over from the continent and the Sahara Desert, making all-inclusive holidays to the Canary Islands the ideal way to escape the cold of the winter months, or a gloomy summer back home.

Spanish style on the Canary Islands
The Canary Islands are a Spanish territory, and all-inclusive holidays there can feel much like they do in any other part of Spain, but with some important differences. For instance, the travel time is longer, at four hours or more, which can help to give you the feeling that you are heading for a more tropical destination. As the archipelago is almost due south of the UK, there’s no time zone change either – so no need to adjust your watch on landing. Like the Balearics, another Spanish possession, the Canaries each have their own personality – the smaller islands are great for exploring, whereas the resorts of Tenerife are the place to go if you want more active nightlife for younger travellers.

Why should I travel all-inclusive to the Canary Islands?
Travelling all-inclusive to the Canary Islands is your ticket to a stress-free holiday in the truest sense of the word. Check into your hotel and you can immediately start to enjoy the perks, whether by ordering your first snack or full meal of Spanish cuisine or British classics, or by heading to the bar to find out what alcoholic drinks are included with your standard ticket price.

What else is in the package?
The islands have their own different characters, and individual hotels and resorts may vary what they include in an all-inclusive package deal too. For instance, if you are heading to one of the livelier resorts on Tenerife, you might find a larger amount of entertainment on offer at no extra cost, whereas in the quieter areas and on the other islands it might be more about just relaxing by the pool or on the beach across from your seafront hotel, and popping back in to the bar any time you need a drink to rehydrate.

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